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from the boy

Did anyone ever make you a mix tape where the songs didn’t fit completely? I always hated that. It’s like taking one of the world’s most thoughtful gifts that doesn’t require some special talent (like writing a song for someone or something) and then saying, “I really wanted you to feel cared about, but I didn’t care enough to figure out if the songs were going to fit completely” because nobody ever wants a song with 18 seconds of blank space either missing from the song as the tape flips or in between if the person managed to time it right so that the song picks back up...

I’d rather cook someone breakfast, serve it to them, and then spit on it in front of them than make a crappy mix tape (at least that way it’s not a surprise in the middle of it that says “I didn’t care quite enough to make this right”).

'nuff said.

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