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fall tour

I'm going to drop dead sometime in the next fifteen days.

in case you haven't seen the listings, here's recap -

already seen this month:

the decemberists
the frames
the wrens
prayers & tears of arthur digby sellers / the mountain goats
tom brosseau (twice)

coming up for the beginning of november:

prayers & tears again, in a panic after perry said that he may not tour and just go write a book or something after this... so that's a must... that's monday night, after spending the weekend on martha's vineyard for a wedding.
the cloud room, two days later
clogs and bell orchestre the next tuesday
charles bissell and okkervil river two days after that, in boston
jeff tweedy three days later
andrew bird the day after
and then, three weeks after that, I go to seattle for eight days.
and then it's christmas.

and did I mention that kristin's got me writing a book?


maybe I'll just write it about a girl that goes to see so many bands that her eyeballs come flying out of her head.


okay, you win.

wrens, cereal, and... more wrens