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6 pm check-in

8,839 words so far. only 41,161 more to go.

I was going to kick it here (at the office) until about 7 or so, when I leave to go see the cloud room. but I'm just realizing I don't have my map or my camera, so it's back to new haven real quick.

storyline update - I'm sitting on the floor of a hotel room with john roderick. I still don't know it's him. the drummer's girlfriend, jenny, is about to hand me a glass of wine. she's already kind of buzzed and she kissed me on the veranda. well, it was a balcony off of a suite at the clarion in northampton, but still.

my sweet untouched miranda - it just sounds better than balcony.

I managed to sneak in a reference to a song off of "ultimatum" and there's groupies camped out in the hallway.

thanks, kristin. I wouldn't be doing this without you.



this girl is exhausted

okay, you win.