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this girl is exhausted

seriously. as kristin puts it, I get out of bed in the morning because of guilt. and were there no guilt, or job, or cat to feed, I'd sleep for eighteen hours at a clip. then I'd get up, probably eat something, change the cds, and go back to sleep. I can't manage to get to work before 10. it's getting ridiculous.

I don't like the way my bangs look today. I tried on my engagement and wedding ring last night and was immediately struck with the desire to drive a fancy car, throw away all my comfy clothes, and never pen another word.

I've stalled out on my book, but I think tonight is going to be catch-up night. I'll just hit the noon meeting tomorrow.

eve was here for days, and left abruptly. as much as we've had our little tiffs here and there, I've yet to find such a sidekick in new haven. donna says we're lucky if we find those few people in our life we really, really love, and she's one of them. except she's fifteen hundred miles away.

I wonder how much I've upped my word count by spelling numbers out.

sing me spanish techno...

oh, and I spent a whole bunch of money since thursday. like, three hundred dollars or something. on pedicures and electric razors and birth control and shoes I didn't need and a sweater that already ripped. but it was fun. if I can get someone on craigslist to buy my ovation, I'll even right back out.

so that's everything that's been rattling around in my head. that, and the fact that peanut butter should be illegal, or at least administered by a professional.

on top of all of this, I've met a boy. remember the guy from the tent? right. I think we're like, dating or something. I'm going to write him into my book, stumbling across him in a gas station or train station or something. I'll have known him from high school, we'll sigh about the good old days... I asked him what he wanted to be, and I think we settled on a major league baseball player with a shining broadway career. these are things he likes in real life. that, and holding my hand. the first time that happened we were walking out of a movie theather, and I went into shock, and said, "if you like, bumped into me by accident and want to let go, you can -" as only I can deliver.

right. he didn't let go. I'll keep you posted.

there's also been a plethora of mindbending music, which I'll abbreviatedly review kd style... I've already told you all about the frames and the wrens and tom's visit, the second of which in northampton is fully illustrated in the green room shots.

okay, I just had to check my blog to see what shows I was at. it's all starting to blur.

the prayers & tears of arthur digby sellers opening for the mountain goats: this was the wednesday before halloween I believe, at the iron horse. I love the mountain goats and all, but after getting to dig on the whole prayers & tears album I was really looking forward to a full set. cue the nice guys turned flipped-switch freaking out lead singer indie rockers with a xylophone and lots to talk about post-show. I bought a ticket to the knitting factory on halloween but was too shot to attend. but still - the album is an immediate need of yours, even if you don't know it yet. brilliant. someone needs to give these boys lots of money, or at least some crazy studio time so that they can just create. but seeing as they are the product of their current enviroments, maybe they just need to keep doing what they're doing. still. if you know jon, it's like that. here's like, ten thousand dollars. go play. you know what I mean. and then, the mountain goats, screaming and fabulous, except for the drunk people who didn't really deal well with the shushing they kept getting. photoessay to follow...

the cloud room:
this was the wednesday after halloween, at the knitting factory, and I made it to the show. j is still one of the sexiest band boys in america, jon and terri are still ridiculously sweet, and the set kicked ass. twenty people on stage dancing during "hey now now", some fun schwag that I hadn't gotten my hands on yet, and two new songs - one new from last time that I remembered, and one new new one. full frontal indie pop fabulousness, as usual. I still wish they had a nice long headlining set, but still. thirty minutes is better than nothing. to top it off, the band before them - snowden - was insanely good. I still haven't listened to the album yet, so I don't know if it's a keeper or not, but live is confirmed. run, don't walk. really.

clogs and bell orchestre: (say, bell or KEST. not bell OR kestra, or bell or KEST ra. it's just bell or KEST. as bryce corrected padma during the clogs set. that's right, bitches. or KEST.) by far the most interesting show I've seen in quite some time. take those same full frontal indie rock boys and girls, give them some strings and some horns, and put them in a multi-thousand dollar studio slash performance space. the room seated seventy five, I was front right, and could have kicked various things from my seat - the stage area was about 1 1/2 times the size of kristin's old seattle apartment, and the seating area was about two or three times that size. everything on top of everything. gorgeous and melodic and inspiring and commanding and 99% instrumental. once clogs finished, bell orchestre took over, about ten times as loud, and just as amazing if not more so. both sets were fantastic, but clogs had that national feeling kind of thing with bryce on guitar, while bell orchestre ripped out some crazy drums (think the loud parts of the arcade fire album) and clapped and had trumpets and stuff. I sat in that little room with my mouth open and my camera out, waiting to shoot until it was loud enough for no one to notice. and to top it all off, when the gig was over, I got into my car and drove from crown street to whitney avenue (that's about eight minutes across new haven with lights and stuff, for the out-of-towners) and fell into bed.

I'm deliriously happy, poor, and tired... but there's more shows and photos coming up, and I've got some great shoes. so it all evens out. and on top of that, there's a boy who thinks about me at various points throughout the day and calls sometimes.

and super fuzzy power naps for all,


PS! I've finally gotten the court papers to get my name back, and I'm going to social security in the morning. we're going to have to throw a name restoration party or something. more to follow.

wednesday, 8pm

6 pm check-in