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wednesday, 8pm

it is, in fact, a dark and stormy night.

nano check in: 12,218 words so far. that's 2500 just tonight. I think we're on our way to chicago. john roderick and I are the dearest of friends. the plot took a little twist and he's in love with a girl back home who lives on a technicolor houseboat that looks like a little cake, she rides her bike past the window of the place he gets coffee at every morning. he's filled up notebooks about her.

I don't know what's going to happen in chicago though. I guess I'll just get us to the airport and see what comes out. hari krishnas, maybe a call from kevin? he and john are tight, you know. at least when I'm doing the typing.

oh, I forgot to mention that. bell orchestre last night: one of the songs was the violinist chick, the stand up bass / cello thing guy, and the drummer. on an electric typewriter. it was gorgeous.



armchairs, mad scientists, and highways

this girl is exhausted