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praise jesus, we love the internet

I love how when I log in to do an entry, I am greeted with:

Welcome to perpetual bliss.

so I'm at work, not working, anticipating snow and the frames and a trip to seattle and if the rent will get paid on time or not. and in my obsessive email checking - for what, I am not quite sure - refresh refresh refresh DING! I see a note from the ray lamontagne mailing list. listen today, it urges me, on wsomething and something and click this link and 2 pm and that's now! that's right now! shit! I attempt to inform my coworkers who, as usual, think I am insane.

I stumble and putter around, where's the link, balls, windows media error, DAMMIT! and I find it, finally, and stream the show. we open with some damien rice, michael penn, and new tori amos.

and then ray. glorious, beautiful, wonderful ray.

(side note, they are going to be playing andrew bird, willy mason, and a few other notables in the next hour. have I found the follow up for the daytime, after john in the morning in the morning?)

he speaks, he sings, about breaking guitars and the shoe factory where he worked and hearing steven stills one morning and having it be the first time anything ever got under his skin the way it did. about seeking out albums and songs and finding his voice, and our dj asks if it scared him when he first heard it. yes, ray. yes.

our set list couldn't have been any better:

- hold you in my arms
- joleen
- shelter
- trouble

as I sit at my desk, eyes closed, ignoring the ring of the phone and the sting of the tears. ray, we love you. and as kristin reminded me today in her bright eyes review from 2002, it's we. it is always we.

sounds like...

baptism, iron horse style