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sounds like...

I am so, so addicted to all of my new music. I won't buy anything else for a little while, so it can sink in even futher - I almost hesitate to turn on john in the morning, because when I listen to it I keep this running list and then go groove on all these bands and forget about what I just stumbled across. but then, I would not have all of these were it not for (a) kristin, shea and the like and (b) john in the morning, in the morning - so maybe the machine needs to feed on itself.

either way, I'm swimming in the ocean at midnight under a starry sky and it's warm. here's what is floating to me from the stereo on the shore:

the frames burn the maps - this album is pissed off heartbreak straight out of ireland. number one recurring crack hit of the moment. I go to change it out of the car cd player, and put it back immediately.

lou barlow emoh - lou is stumbling through every relationship and feeling that I am currently experiencing, and expressing it so eloquently. a whole new level of not being alone with these things, straight from the lips of a man I've never met.

bright eyes I'm wide awake it's morning - the modern storyteller croons from a new york city sidewalk instead of a campfire. as I'm sure most reviewers put it, the boy is wise beyond his years. when it's on it distracts me from everything and commands my full attention. keep singing, my eyes are closed but I'm right here, I swear it...

the decemberists her majesty the decemberists and castaways and cutouts - wading through sinews and pantaloons, with snapshots of colin meloy's solo show between the lines. the girls I waited with outside the iron horse put it well: if you pee in your pants a little bit, it doesn't count. 'nuff said.

I love and am in the process of immersing in: yankee hotel foxtrot, the new keane (commercial but great), some iron and wine, and the story is in the soil one from bright eyes. so you see why I can't consume much else at the moment. except lots of steamed cauliflower. for some reason I can't get enough of it lately.

so more on all of these things to follow, I'm sure of it.


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