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(from another review)

After tiptoeing through taut opener “A Caution to the Birds,”, I got a taste of singer/guitarist Glen Hansard’s winning charm as he prefaced one of the best songs from their new album (‘Keepsake’) by explaining that the song is about walking out of your house in the morning, picking up the morning paper, taking a book of matches, lighting the paper on fire, throwing it into your house, closing the door, locking the door, breaking the key off in the lock, and giving the broken key to the first girl you see.

~steve mcpherson on a frames show from last month in minneapolis. I'm going on the next tour, I swear - glen's got my brand of crazy.

so we get back in the car...

I met ray lamontagne and chris thomas after the show last night (and managed to be a big girl about it)