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I have a tendency to run with things.

and I could take the time to speak of the world, ending before we expected it to and taking chances and longing glances and isn't that chance, isn't it what keeps us going? do we want to know - really? because it might destroy everything, when it was all we needed to get through the day... love and rockets and wanting. thumb on soft lips, jaw twitch in the moonlight yes. perfect mix tapes in the car afterwards when it starts to rain. outside, drenched, desperate, fingertips tracing fingertips. I'd eat fruit just for the sheer lusciousness of it. sexy with a bite and a look and a smile and we're both horny as hell but we're children somehow on this summer night. scared and shocked, terrified and asking and answering with mouths on mouths saying everything there is to say. punch drunk everything. movie snapshots coffeeshop conversation sidewalk romance dropped plates stolen kisses and I was just nowhere near your neighborhood. lying exposed under a christmas light gallery telling secrets walking home half drunk with the smell of your hair on my hands and well-kissed lips to tell the story with. presents wrapped with child's hands. the nape of my neck, the toss of your hair, the secret smile in my notebook. yes. could you just call out after me? victoria, hey, I was hoping I'd run into you... and we'd start talking but neither of us would be listening because we'd be too busy thinking about


is it possible to fall in love with an apartment?