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is it possible to fall in love with an apartment?

like, really? like, if it was a boy, I'd marry it?

pending credit reports and deposits, I have found The. Greatest. Apartment. Ever. it's in a huge old multi family on whitney avenue, close to downtown. the girl who lives there is from canada, also having moved there from a 2 bedroom she got after she found herself divorced. she crawls out the window and puts plants and flowers on the roof and has sparse belongings and I saw a part of my personality in everything she was (is).

it's got these windowpanes like you wouldn't believe.

so she's off to do med student things and I'm off to start the rest of my life. it's like I've been dating new haven recently, and this morning we made out. and I'm wondering if this might be the one. I don't remember the last time something felt this good that I was allowed to have.

I've got to go call my landlord.

I almost forgot it was twilight

I have a tendency to run with things.