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I almost forgot it was twilight

palindromes and libertines, faraway gazes and empty movie theaters. dirty feet, dirty mouth, ink bleeds in the shower through abstract fairy tales. waiting for everything, waiting for nothing, mistakes that we already knew we were making broken porch steps subtle hints your favorite t shirt and the perfect pen camera seeking cracked windowpanes while she sends kisses through the stereo, weeping. the first time he held your hand and how much you love that grey cardigan zip up sweater pulling the sleeves over the ends of your fingers and hiding a smile -

so just pedal petals ripped from the trees getting stuck in my hair like the universe throwing confetti in the middle of elm street like when we used to sit in the grass stoned and laughing on top of the world under the cherry blossoms, forgetting about the night when gunshots made us run for our lives. city sreets bursting at the seams seething and swelling and too cold to be three quarters of the way into may cold feet chair legs scraping against an unforgiving floor driving three hours alone on the chance that the band you're going to see just might change your life.

blinking nervously because you don't feel like you belong in the skin you've been given. leather bound books and ribbons for markers magic markers magic everything wishing on first stars, train tracks, and pink cadillacs combat boots and art student eye makeup free to wander in the summertime because the college kids have gone. all the money in the world won't make you cool won't keep the wicker chair from creaking when you're seated smiling back at strangers locking eyes, holding hands, twin high maintenance machines.

I'd dig my nails into your skin if I had either within reach.

more holes to pierce the feeling that lets fresh air into the soul. those fashion cliches just aren't working for you and if they'd only put the cure on I'd find some time to talk about how he's gotten into my bones and then maybe I'd be okay for a little while at least.

strangers being strange assuming strange things acting strange so out of place in the window next to me. insterstate nightmares no shortcuts when you don't know side streets side dreams dreaming sideways driving sideways in this pre-packaged scene.

I was reading fante at the time

is it possible to fall in love with an apartment?