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ambling madly all over the town

today I was talking to kristin about the show, and I said that I literally almost shit myself, and that I'd never meant it really until that moment. she wrote back to my story / review that I sent her this morning so perfectly:

I am mid-meltdown, thinking of you, and thinking this might be the most perfect line I have ever read: "the nights in the summer under the stars on the rooftop, when you weren't waiting for anything or anyone because it was all happening already."

um, hi. she's read a lot of stuff.

no, like a lot. seriously.

so you guys have to stop giving me music. in the last ten days or so, under full frontal assault, here's what I am madly trying to digest, in one of those phases where I've come back to life and I am a jumble of raw nerve endings:

(editor's note: I am listening to last night's show, and colin goes, "wow. hi, boston." because we say hi to things. and I'm a pirate.)

wrens - the meadowlands
jets to brazil
neutral milk hotel - in an aeroplane over the sea
the good life - album of the year
ed harcourt - strangers
I am kloot
luke temple
iron & wine - the creek drank the cradle
the cloud room
of montreal - sunlandic twins
say anything... is a real boy
the mountain goats
gillian welch covering "black star" by radiohead
carla bruni

this is between kristin, me, brian, john richards, and cheryl waters. so I'm about to explode, and then in the mail today kristin drops the bomb. an envelope stuffed with love, death cab, LIVE COLIN MELOY !!!, porterdavis (yay daniel!), a few groovy compilations, my morning jacket... so much more... and I'm stumbling through the live show from last night, reeling.

and today, since the wrens show sold out, I wrote one of the band members with my balls of steel and proposed a mailing list slot for cash at the show.

the response in my inbox when I got home from work?

after all this? of course. you + 1. we'll see you tomorrow night.

hi. the wrens put me on the guest list.

plus one.

I'm going to go die in my bathtub now, while we move out of the military related material into the maritime related material. it's really raining out there, isn't it?


sailing the high seas of kenmore square

I was reading fante at the time