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plans get complex

often the city wakes up before I do. from where my bed is, next to the window, I can see the bright pink sunrise through old glass and gauzy curtains when the light stirs me awake. it's always fuzzy and it seems like a movie most days, I don't have my glasses on but it's always there just the same. I wonder where it will be when fall comes.

don't let me forget to post the cloud room show, the ten pages I wrote about jon rodgers, and how stars / decemberists / death cab goes on thursday.

is this really my life?

here's how cmj is shaping up:

monday 9/12 - friday 9/16: john in the morning, in the morning! from the museum of television and radio. in studio bands TBA but I know devin davis is one of them.

weds. 9/14: of montreal @ the knitting factory, aqueduct and john vanderslice and more @ the mercury lounge

thur. 9/15: early KEXP showcase @ pianos, prayers and tears (among others), evening @ the mercury lounge for the absolutely kosher showcase (I'm particularly jacked for jim yoshi pile-up and THE WRENS!!!) and silversun pickups @ ace of clubs.

fri. 9/16: cyhsh @ the mercury lounge, cary brothers @ the knitting factory, and more I'm sure...

sat. 9/17: benzos, 2pm @ rothko, amusement parks on fire and youth group @ the mercury lounge, and the sub pop showcase at the bowery ballroom (fruit bats, kinski, wolf parade...)

when I get the actual schedule, my head will probably explode. also looking forward to the cloud room, need new body, and who the fuck knows what else to wrap my mind around. the people, the city, the walking, the films, the panels, the fucking bliss of it - I won't sleep or eat for a week.

watch them be kidding about the pass.


it's been a year now, since you were here now...

so what's a few hundred miles between friends?