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I know new york, I need new york...

...I know I need unique new york.

charming my pants off, part two. in the steamy sultry august night, I stand in the middle of my silent street with ringing ears, full of chords and leftover sparkles. I feel... penetrated. with everything. things got through my skin and into my bones, these moments of intense energy at the show tonight, driving around the city without one shred of panic, the clear blue eyes of indie rock boys as we turned them down for a few drinks around the corner, and the photographs to prove it all. red lights blue lights dirty puddles feet and fences and yes.

for a few moments, I wanted to live there. but then I knew, somewhere deep inside, that new york would eat me alive. it's a nice place to visit and a better place to rock, but hanging my hat in new haven is suiting me just fine for now.

it's 2:40 am. the futon beckons.


so, um...

a body in motion tends to stay in motion