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so, um...

so I think that maybe I might be Figuring Some Things Out.

I don't know what an artist statement is, and I don't know what in the world I'd have on a resume about taking pictures, but in discussions with matt the wire guy, one thing did come up: that the pictures, in fact, take me.

now, don't think I'm crazy or anything. I'm not talking about some bizarre dream world where I exist in moving frames, like in the hewlett packard commercials. photographs dropping from the sky. it's more like... I think that this might be one of my things. every time I see something, and I go hey, that would make a great picture, and I don't stop the car, I can't help but wonder if it was put in front of me because I could capture it so perfectly. like these things that get put in my path, in my line of sight - it's like they're just for me. the cemetary sign I drive by every morning, broken and beaten and about to fall off the fence. the strange grammar on the window of the chinese grocery store. PARK in red letters on white background in the hot new haven night. they're burned into my brain, like moments that won't leave, like a shirt I didn't buy and now I can't stop thinking about. or at least that's the only similar feeling I can find right now.

so, yeah. so that's like, stuff I've been thinking about for a while.


so what's a few hundred miles between friends?

I know new york, I need new york...