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sleep is so beautiful...

I've finally gotten a few hours of it (in a row) and I'm determined to get the daily updates up before the end of the weekend. this has been the most amazing week, fresh on the heels of the national in boston and billions of boys in bands and driving until 4:30 in the morning and rainy sidewalks - but I'll get to all of that soon enough.

wednesday - early thursday:

from the scrawled notes before prayers and tears of arthur digby sellers took the stage on thursday morning. much props to kristin at home base for posting and commentary, she's perfect in every single way and I love her so -

days in new york: 4
bands seen so far: 13
unbelievably healthy dinners enjoyed for less than fifteen dollars: 4
blocks walked: 800
gallons of sweat generated: 800
times I've realized how desperately I need sneakers: 788
times I've taken the C from michael's apartment: 4
times I could have taken the B instead and saved at least some of the aforementioned sweat-inducing walks: 4
hours spent in thousand degree subway tunnels before I've realized that the C stops running after 11 and that the A becomes the local train: 2
A trains that I didn't get on while I was waiting: 3
times I've gone to insane scenester bars in chinatown to possibly stalk luke temple and have been so tangibly uncomfortable at the mean behavior of the people wearing outfits that cost more than my rent that I've had to leave after twenty minutes: 1
hours spent walking in times square with devin davis: 1
theremins: 1
heartbreaks: at least 10
trips to starbucks: 12
times I've heard good music playing in starbucks: 12
times I've been blown away by cary brothers and josh radin: 3
trips to brooklyn: 1
band members met by coincidence that are opening for the national in boston on friday: 2
mind blowing events: too many to list
average hours of sleep: what?

past clumsy crushes

and the beat goes on...