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are you serious?

ray (x3) w/ willy mason, w/ one chick that was really good I can't remember her name tho...
decemberists (x2, about to be 3), once w/ stars and death cab
the shins
the frames w/mark geary
luke temple
jon rodgers (x2)
colin meloy solo
ed harcourt w/ sylvie lewis
the wrens (x2) w/ army of me, morningwood, and w/ the whole absolutely kosher label
the cloud room (x2) w/ harlem shakes and benzos, w/ savage juliet, foreign born and pela
the national (x2) w/ clap your hands say yeah, w/ aberdeen city and pela
jump, little children
cary brothers and josh radin

kexp april 2005:
the dutch kills
kristen hersch
matt pond pa
the cloud room (in addition to the two shows above)
tori amos
the french kicks

kexp september 2005:
eiffel tower
luke temple (in addition to full set, above)
wide right
goldspot (in addition to full set, above)
langhorne slim
devin davis
cary brothers
foreign born
prayers and tears
tenement halls
youth group
the double


could I be going to any more shows?