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pitchf**k (twice in one day!!!)

Well, everybody's current favorite bootstrap-raising success story is only going to seep even deeper into the national subconscious, as they have just announced the itinerary for their first-ever American headlining tour. (No pesky National to steal their thunder this time.) It will kick off March 6 in frontman Alec Ounsworth's hometown of Philadelphia, wind its way down south for a little Langerado and SXSW action, head west and back, all in time to end up in the band's adopted home of New York City in mid-April.

are you kidding? plus a cynical, jaded article about the cloud room here. I promptly emailed j to wish him well, and he reassured me that the band is doing great. at least they'll get some press out of it.

I can take better pictures than that asshole, too.


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