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you're so funny, all domestic

I've still got the original typing in a photo album someplace, for posterity's sake.

so, don't like, tell anybody or anything, but I like being domestic once in a while. last night I baked three trays of brownies and a loaf of banana bread for my friday night commitment. all from mixes, but still. there was a sense of satisfaction coming back into my apartment and having it all smelling like melting fudge and bananas, like I was june cleaver. for like, five seconds. then I made a bunch of mixes for my friends and didn't do the dishes.

I was also struck by this making oatmeal with the boy last sunday. he wakes up freakishly early, because he goes to work around 4 or 5 in the morning during the week. we usually, um, work up an appetite, and then pass back out for morning naptime. this week found us side to side by the stove, making tea and big hot steaming bowls of oatmeal and a few eggs over medium. I'd be lying if I didn't say I loved it.

and to wrap up this little friday update, in a very un-june cleaver-y kind of way, I hate kristin a little bit right now.

(ring, ring)

screen: unavailable

I ignore the call, and then realize it's kristin calling from work. I listen to the voicemail.

kristin: (on voicemail) omigodomigodomigodomigod call me. omigod.

I dial furtively and she doesn't even give the big pharmacy hello.

(ring, ring)

kristin: hi.

me: um, are you fucking kidding dude?

kristin: (giggling) no.

me: well, what happened?

kristin: um, so they announced that like, john roderick was going to be playing in pioneer square, at gibson, and like, they said if you were the tenth caller that you could like, go, and like bring someone, and like, a few other people were going to go, and then I called, and I like, dialed, and they were like, you're the fourth caller, so I called a few more times, and it was like, busy, you know? and I like, gave up, and then I just called one more time, like, randomly, you know? and they were like, you're the tenth caller!

me: are you kidding?

kristin: no.

me: are you kidding?

kristin: no.

me: I'll turn my phone off at three.

and then the conversation continued, ending with me going, dude, I hate you a little bit right now, okay I love you, bye. the funniest part of all of it was kristin sounding like a little kid telling the big part of the story, like a little kid getting excited about a puppy or something. lots of "ums" and all wriggling in her seat and stuff. of all the tenth callers, she's the best. I'm glad the universe loves her so much.


and so do I. endlessly.

my arms miss you,


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