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charge up the batteries

as my clunky budget excuse for an ipod whirls away and charges on my desk at work, as do the batteries for the camera at home. I've decided to take the train to see tom brosseau in the city tonight. this is monumental for a few reasons, one, I love taking the train and usually can't justify the cost (but I can today, with a full tank of gas at almost $35.00) and two, I haven't been to a show for most of the wintertime... anything I had plans to go to or bought tickets for, I rescheduled or sold. I just haven't had it in me to go. and to be honest, had someone not suggested taking the train, I might not have gone tonight. the only thing making me get my ass to the station is the fact that I can technically say I'm friends with tom and mary jones now, so blowing them off when they've come from great distances is completely unacceptable. so I'll zip up my grey cardigan and put on my walking shoes, and take the f train from grand central to the lower east side.

I love walking around in the city, breathing it in, dirty sidewalks and all. the last time I was there for kexp it totally sucked me in, just like the time before, and I'd go live there in a second if I could afford it. it's breathing and alive all the time and the rain against the windowpanes and everything just make me tingle with total joy. even when my feet hurt or when it's ten thousand degrees in the subways. I love it endlessly.

so much has been going on that I haven't seen fit to print, it's seen the insides of my notebooks and scraps of paper shoved into my planner and little notes around my desk at work - but I can't go throwing people under the bus without their knowledge or consent. so you'll have to be alright with me processing all of this off-blog, and hopefully you'll get the end result of my restructured mind as all this stuff shifts and passes... assuming it shifts and passes... otherwise it's going to be a long year.

spring ahead, kids.


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