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please, drag me out of bed

Even though I am so completely shot right now, it is far outweighed by knowing I got started on my day - out the door, showered, etc. - before 8 am. I got up with Raf at 6:30 to take care of the dog before we both left for work, and while we wound up having to rush out, it's just so, so much better than sleeping until 8. Remind me of that when I'm exhausted tomorrow morning, will you? Thanks.

I. Am. Tired. My mom's dog is still pretty young - less than two years old - and she's a handful. We curl up to sleep, and she wants to play. On the couch, off the couch. On the couch, off the couch. On the couch, off the couch. I start to drift off. On the couch. Off the couch. Nose in my face. On the couch. Squeaky toy time. Hard bone-toy chewing time. On the couch, off the couch. On the couch.

I finally had to put her in her crate around 3 am, and didn't have time to play with her this morning, and so this afternoon we'll do several rounds of "Where's the Baby?", until one of us gets tired of it. ("Baby" being the ratty, nasty, puffy, person-shaped thing she throws up and down the hallway.) So that's on my agenda. And then hopefully a quick nap, and then dinner and picking up mom at the hospital tonight around 8. This is normal now. This is my day.

I would kill for a pedicure and a massage. The pedicure I can handle. Maybe Raf is willing to help out with the rest.

I hope I can at least afford part of the NYC week with KEXP for CMJ. Seeing as I'm ready to sell my car to not have a payment and insurance - which probably won't happen - you can guess that the budget remains tight. That, and the second job are definitely going to come into play. They'll have a ton of people there for it, so I will most likely go for the second half of the week, and make two good solid days out of it. (Insert melancholy sigh here while I think back to the good old days where having money and doing what I wanted overlapped for a few months...)

So, that's my Tuesday. I love NPR, and triple 1% lattes, and my new toering, and my wonderful boyfriend. Just in case you were wondering.


(remember to breathe)