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quickies count


Where has the time gone? Not that I am complaining about winter flying by, believe me... tomorrow is February 1st, Lesley's baby is almost six months old, and in three weeks my mom will have been gone for a year. I had crazy dreams about her last night, funny when I remember them and see them in my head, the minute I try to attach words to the scenes they just dissipate immediately. Leaning off the top of the Space Needle (and freaking out from the fear of it, but winding up not having to), climbing up to a house or something, animals that should have been scary that didn't bother us, a house that should have been empty but had someone there, old cameras, he was a photographer right before I woke up - but before that people taking pictures of this huge old insides of a worn out mansion-y kind of big place, and the man who kept coming to do his office work spread out (physically, not like, papers) on the top of a table... he wouldn't leave, Donna with bags of cash, all these snapshots -

The sun is up a little higher across the street and I'm sitting facing it, and it's not all irritating, it's making me feel like morning and light and daybreak and beginnings.

I need a dream dictionary.

Faraway Friend is still the same, Close On The Highway Friend is sad about miscommunications and wants to have lunch. I've got to send an email back to the first one, so I think I'm going to go get that off my plate because it's rattling around in my head and needs to be out.



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