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all set with that? great. here's another one.

What the fuck.

So back before Christmas, I got an email from one of the local coffeehouses asking if I wanted to do a show in March. They were booked up pretty far into the year, but had an unexpected opening, and I was all awed and flattered to get asked. To say that the 'cool kids' run this place is an understatement - not cool to me, but to themselves, you know? All townie politics and whatever.

I go to confirm last week, and the circumstance has nothing to do with the girl I am in contact with, I've known her forever and it's not her doing or anything - but she informs me this morning that if I want to do an opening after 5 pm (because I'll get a lot of people to come at 3:00 on a Tuesday, right?) that it will cost me a "small fee, $15/hr. for me to be there, $8/hr for a barista, and $25 to cover the cost of being open". Cover the cost of being open? What does that even mean? Seriously! Mind you, when I did the show at Koffee, it cost me $700.00 in printing and frames (without a cent figured in for all my labor) and I wound up getting two sales and a wedding out of it, so I came out ahead. So I'm in the same predicament, what I want to do this time is do huge 20x30 prints, I'm going to string together 5 of them to form a huge reprint of a sunrise I took in Cabo (so that will be like, 8 feet long) and then maybe about 8 more prints, and they run about $50 each printed and drymounted. Oh, ps, that's almost $700.00! Which I have decided to make - on yet another credit card purchase - in the name of exposure and investment. And then I can pimp these to some more shows, so I'll be left with portable, beautiful, huge artwork, but still.

As an aside, it's about -5 degrees with the wind chill today. It's fucking retarded.

So, had my horoscope not been so enthusiastic about creative opportunities this month, I may have not even sat here considering still doing it. I want to yell and bitch and commit to the show and back out three days before I'm supposed to hang. So nice to have all this free space in my head, now I can get all riled up about stuff that's happening now instead of stuff last week or last month or whatever.

I was writing at the laundromat yesterday, and now I see why morning pages are about writing - not typing. That shit was a whole other ballgame.

So I guess I need to go write... right?



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