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July has arrived, and for many, including you, it's a perfect month to travel. Mercury is no longer retrograde as it was in June, so you can say goodbye to the delays and postponements that might have plagued you then. This month you will have your choice of whether to go near or far, or to a domestic city or overseas, and be confident that no matter what your choice, your trip will turn out to be simply delicious.

Adding to this lovely picture is Mars, now touring your house of romance, fun, and love, a sure sign that your travel won't be made for business but to find a perfect way to relax and enjoy life's pleasures. In July, give in, have fun, and let go.

Next month the total solar eclipse, August 1, will bring dramatic, unexpected shifts in regard to your career. On the lunar eclipse August 16 developments in real estate, family, or other domestic concerns will be your top priority. Eclipses are the most important tool the universe uses to create change, so August won't be dull on any level. Whatever you think will happen won't, and something else will.

You'll need to stay flexible. As a Taurus, you like to keep things stable and "as is," but that won't be possible in August. As you probably guessed, you won't have a moment to go away in August, so while you can take a vacation, you should do so this month.

Everyone is more budget conscious these days, and looking at your aspects, you should be able to find a solidly attractive travel package now, or receive a compelling invitation from a friend to visit their house or summer cottage. Your excellent travel aspects will begin the moment the new moon appears, July 2.

This new moon will appear late in the day, and if you are living "down under," it won't appear until July 3. No difference - from that new moon onward, you'll have two weeks in which to pack and go. If you go then, you'll have lots of luck.

The full moon, July 18, could find you returning home from a long trip or flying quite a distance to attend a very special friend's social event, such as a wedding, reunion, or anniversary party. The range of influence of this full moon will be July 16 to 22.

Keep in mind that with Saturn orbiting close to Mars this month, you may need a little time to unwind. It certainly won't happen the moment you get off the plane. Saturn is slow, so allow a little time to adjust to time off.

There are other ways that the new and full moons this month may affect you in July, aside from travel.

At the start of the month, thanks to the appearance of the new moon, July 2, you may be sent a contract to sign. If so, go over the fine print with your lawyer first. You can sign whenever you like, as Mercury is now moving at strong and beneficial direct speed, having ended being retrograde last month. I feel that it won't be likely that you'll sign until you reach the full moon July 16, but see how things go. Perhaps the other side will sign their copy and express mail it to you by then.

At the full moon, July 18 or thereabouts, you may be asked to speak on a panel or do a lecture this month, or you may attend a seminar. If you have been thinking of going to a retreat for spiritual enlightenment, you could not wish for a better time to go than just before that full moon. Your mind will be hungry for information and you'll voraciously take in all you are presented.

If you can't quite get away for a full afternoon's seminar or spiritual retreat, you might scan the newspapers or Internet for a book signing that interests you in your neighborhood, or a club event that appeals to the part of you that wants to know more.

Publishing and broadcasting deals and ventures could also come up, and if so, they'll crystallize quickly. This could be a very happy development on something you've been working on for months. Or, it may represent a guest appearance on TV or radio that helps publicize the work you've been doing.

If your birthday falls on May 2 plus four days, the new moon on July 2 will be quite beneficial to you.

If your birthday falls on May 16, plus or minus four days, you will most enjoy the time near the full moon on July 16.

This month, when it comes to your career, you are clearly on the right track, building your reputation in a way that will garner respect. Your best day to make a presentation or interview for a new job or promotion will be July 7 and July 22. Those days both bring excellent vibrations from Uranus, the planet that rules your tenth house of fame. Developments will be sudden - a delightful surprise when they occur.

Financially, things should remain fairly stable for you, thank goodness. However there is one day when you could overspend for a social event - July 5. You'll be with friends and not as cognizant of where the money is going!

The very next day could easily bring you one of your very favorite days, July 6. Venus and Uranus will flirt outrageously on this day, so if you're single, you may have one of those meetings that feel like a lightning bolt from heaven. As a Taurus and ruled by Venus, you'll love the happy surprises that this day should deliver.

A spontaneous trip could also be on your agenda near this glorious day, July 6, and if so, romance will surely follow you wherever you go. If you hope to meet someone new, by all means drive to a nearby seaside or mountainous setting. Love will be in the air!

There are several special days, aside from the ones I mentioned, that you might want to put on your calendar, too.

Romantically, you may be of two minds about a relationship on July 10 when Mars (fire) meets Saturn (ice). On one hand you may yearn to say your mind; yet on the other hand, you may feel it's a better idea to hold back. Caution is probably the more valiant route to take, but doing so won't be easy. The slower-moving planet usually wins in any conjunction (like this), and in this case, Saturn will have more clout.

A joyous, sparkling day will also be due July 14, when the Sun and Uranus will be so beautifully angled. A friend may call with a great idea or unusually intriguing invitation - one you'd want to accept, for sure. It's also possible that a club you belong to will offer a compelling program this evening, and if so, you must go.

Mercury rules your fifth house of true love, and Mercury will make a positive vibration to Saturn (July 14) and Mars (July 15). This is great, for this means that mid-month should be a powerful time to enjoy romance! Short travel seems to provide the initial spark, so plan to go somewhere special. The setting you choose need not be far from home to trigger these lovely aspects. If you can't take too much of a vacation, but a couple of extra days off might be possible, make them July 14 and 15.

There's one other day that has the makings of a gorgeous four-star day for love and that's July 22. Mercury and Uranus will be perfectly in sync, bringing all sort of wonderful unexpected developments from friends, and in regard to travel, too. This will be a Tuesday, but you'll have lots of room to be spontaneous. Ideas will rain down on you at every turn. Let yourself feel free, dear Taurus. This will be such a special day!

July 26 will also bring extraordinary luck, this time because of a lovely interplay between active Mars and benefic Jupiter. Mars is now in your house of true love, and by this time in the month will have moved away from its proximity to Saturn. You'll feel much more liberated and confident about the way a certain relationship is going. You may be preparing to take a trip this weekend, and if so, bring along dozens of unscented white votive candles, dear Taurus. This will another four-star weekend to remember.

When it comes to romance, Saturn's tour of your fifth house of true love suggests you may be in a long-distance relationship or temporarily separated from your sweetheart because of work or study obligations. This situation won't last forever. In fact, by next year (October 2009) you should have your feelings sorted out and be ready to announce a major decision about this relationship. Knowing this, you will know not to put pressure on yourself or your partner - going slowly will be the right choice.

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