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seven pounds!

Seven pounds may not seem like a lot, but when it falls off you overnight, it is. I know some of you understand...

I've been carrying all this stress weight, I didn't really change my eating habits or exercise routines much, and all of a sudden, I couldn't stop gaining weight, probably about close to twenty pounds or so. and now, almost half of it is gone, just like that. Poof. My friend Stacey was like, "I love the stress diet!" And so I'm sure there are worse things in the world this morning than me sitting here at Starbucks at 7 am, waiting for the morning meeting down the street, looking at my body, in the same jeans I've had on for like, five days because I just can't get my shit together enough to do laundry... I care. But I don't, really, because if I truly did, I would wash some pants.

Who gives a fuck. Really.

Last night I slept really fitfully, up a bunch of times, I had to get up really early today and when I think I'm going to sleep through something I get total sleep anxiety and I keep thinking I've missed whatever it is, but then I know that the alarm will go off and wake me up - it's pretty much a guarantee - but I give myself this crazy anxiety anyways. I hate it. On mornings when I had to go cater for 400 people, it was the frigging worst. Awful awful awful.

I'm in a movie all the time, it seems, soundtracks and outpourings of emotion on blogs and emails, all the while with whatever's playing in the background, literal movie soundtracks, KEXP at work, and the like. I'm getting excited at the prospect of National Novel Writing Month all looming out there for November, in the rain, in my own place by then... I wonder if we're going to stop through Chicago. I can't wait to be travelling. I can not believe everyone on eBay, buying my junk - literal junk - it's unreal. I have a new pile to get to today. It's crazy. I think I'm just about going to be able to finance the entire trip (roughly about $500-$600 in gas, plus hotels and food, so I'm figuring around $1000) from selling stuff I would have dumped off at Goodwill. Bonkers.

I'll leave this morning with a photo I took of my friend's daughter a few weeks ago, instead of some faux-brilliant closing statement.

Bon courage,


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