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tonight's the night

11:00 pm on a Friday, and another thoroughly awesome day has passed.

The first time Kristin sent me any emails from Steve Pavlina to read, one of the things I remember him saying was about crossing the days off of your calendar. At the end of every day, or the next morning or whatever, you cross the day off and say something to the effect of, "This (That) day is gone, never to come back (appear, whatever) again." And it really works for me, it makes everything tangible and real and makes me want to pack everything I can into the time I am awake. It also makes it resonate very, very deeply when the time is wasting and passing and the time just isn't adding up. It's very... I want to say real-izing, realizing, centering, I don't know - it just works.

So tonight was work and then cutting up Denny to the station, meeting Deb, eating pizza, and catching the Maldives and Jesse Sykes at the Mural (same place where all the outdoor movies were, except Almost Famous) and just hanging out in the grass under the needle. Stellar. Seriously. And I'm all singed from being out in the sun, I'm sure it will fade out to a tan at some point but I'm just all pink and blinking in the light and happy and unraveled (in the good way). Untied from all the knots that pile up in my mind. And tomorrow is some big party out in West Seattle, and coffee and a meeting and whatever winds up coming down the pike.

Kristin makes water with all ice and lemon wedges and mint, and I love it.

Jesse Sykes was all angst-ridden and pensive, and there was some amazing line (well, a bunch of them) in one of her songs, I wrote it down - I have to go find it with an appropriate picture to post. it was something gorgeous, like if you weren't made out of stone / I know that you'd catch me / if you could.

More to follow - over and out.


...and the sweet hereafter.

it's all happening