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september --> rocktober

Everyone's favorite local six-piece The Head and the Heart opened up for two nights' worth of Vampire Weekend shows at the Paramount. First time shooting with the big lens, which kind of makes me feel like I'm learning to take pro(sumer, at least) level shots all over again. Which isn't necessarily a bag thing.

See also: I've converted to fully manual. F to the yes.

Cobirds Unite and the Young Evils swept us right out of our kneesocks at Columbia City Theater a few weeks ago, the latter with post-indie.indie.boy/girl_samenote vocal stylings, the former by shooting a big bag of endearing with a side of sad (and a generous helping of Rachel Flotard).

Ah, the Long Winters. I got more emo than any blogs in town should allow (and rightly so), so I took a crack at a quasi-serious writeup in the post below. Please pardon the cliches, prepositions, incorrect use of punctuation, and the like. If you can get past all that -- it was a sweet, sweet show.

And last on this week's post, but in no terms least, are a few shots of Kurt B. Reighley (nee DJ El Toro)'s reading over at Elliott Bay Bookstore this past Friday night. For some reason, my camera is in lerv with him and I can't quite figure it out. But I'll roll with it and act like I took amazing shots of him because I'm good at photography or something.

Reading, Vandy-ing, Rocktober-ing, and shifting. I think the rough part of shedding the snakeskin is just about done -- with starting-to-feel-healed skin, the afterburn subsides a little more every day. Things can only get better from here on out.

I can smell fall outside tonight -- stay warm, everybody. xo


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