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post rocktober / pre-vegas

Here's a few things that came down the slope since the last post:

Chris Pureka and Andrea Alseri
came through for a sweet set at the Tractor, and Matt Bishop opened up a set for Loryn Kezer's Keys to Africa benefit at the Sunset. Loryn wants to go like, heal babies and stuff -- you should check out her site and make a donation if you're able. For sers.

Also, apparently I can do pet photography. Yes, I'm available for hire.

And lastly, but for sures not least-ly, our friends Pablo Trucker recorded a sweet EP of holiday treats that they'll be making available for sale at their upcoming shows this month. You can check out their blog for more details and sound bytes here.

Oh, and let's not forget about this:

I mean. Duh.

That's it for this sesh -- sitting at a cafe in Las Vegas, getting ready to plow through a few hundred shots from the last bunch of days to find what's suitable to post. Cave Singers, disintegrating neon, and bright lights / big city to follow. Kisses.


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