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mavis staples and ben gibbard

I mean -- not like, at the same time or anything.

Mavis Staples put on an absolutely surreal performance at Town Hall last weekend. Photos and words hardly do it justice.

Also, this past week I interviewed Megan Gibbard about Teen Feed, and got in as the exclusive photog for Ben's show at the Croc. I signed my life away to not post any shots anywhere but imaginary-land, so you can check out the one shot I managed to pull out of my ass there. Nothing like shooting a national act at an upside-down show in the dark... with red backlights. FML.

You know, if you would have asked me two years ago if I wanted to do something like that, I would have said wow. And maybe verged on throwing up. And I would have wanted to, but out loud I would have said that someone else would be much more qualified and that I probably shouldn't. The thing is, I still feel the same way -- there's always people out there that are better and worse than all of us, everywhere -- on the inside. But on the outside... I did it. Like, I did it. It's not the best picture I've ever taken by a long shot, but I did it.

I'm Jack Handy, and I approved this message.

(Side note, you can't tell from the shots, but I think Ben's wearing the same shirt in the interview shot that I pulled from the San Francisco show that he was at the Seattle show. It was months apart and all, so it's not like, gross tour clothing decisions or anything -- I'm just noting that it's interesting is all. If Ben Gibbard is going to default to a shirt on stage, I'm glad he's defaulting to something bordering on Seattle-approved flannel. Sorta.)

Fall tour is awesome, ps. I really am the best 17-year-old ever. xo

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