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Something's up. My pictures are getting... different, and -- this is going to sound crazy -- I think it's all the result of having spent time in perma-photographyland up at Sasquatch a few weeks ago. I still get pangs of missing those few days we were there, it felt like some kind of a warp-speed artist colony or something. Truly.

I bumped into one of the guys I shot with at Sasquatch last night who expressed some of the same sentiment, and even said he kind of had withdrawal when he came home from the long weekend. Without me even bringing it up. So maybe it's not so crazy.

Anyway. I've got some lovely new sets over on flickr of John Vanderslice, my neighborhood, and the amazing, amazing, mojo-loaded Supremes exhibit that's currently at the EMP. Go check it out. Take your time. I'll be out in the front yard, making bean burritos on a Coleman stove with a flashlight. xo

it was all a dream

if I don't die or worse / I'm gonna need a nap