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it was all a dream

Well, that's what it felt like, at least. Especially the part where Tom Brosseau was here for a nanosecond. Funny enough, this is my favorite picture of the night:

There's so much adjective to put forth about Tom and Angela's project -- they're called Les Shelleys and they're doing this great, powerful, stripped-away throwback americana-sounding stuff that will knock your socks off -- and if I don't do this quickie post, I'm afraid it will slip away in the tidal wave of new music that's coming across my world lately.

So, here: they are awesome. Go see them play. Promise. And PS, they have this crazy tour EP with them that's got a ridiculous cover of "My World is Empty Without You (Babe)" on it. You Must Purchase This. And yes, I am referring to a Supremes cover. FTW.

And they really were here (although I might have thought it was an actual dream, had I not taken the photos to prove it):

After that, we all lost our cookies at the Old 97's show last week. Nothing I can type would come close to Keenan dropping the phrase 'Rhett-o-sexual' in her TIG post, so I'll just let you let your fingers do the walking and you can go have a read for yourself. I hereby officially reserve the right to do more crushing / geeking as I see fit, though. Whenever I see fit to do it. Including possibly making "Dreamweaver"-themed coffee mugs for her and Liz for Christmas (yes, I'm serious).

Guh. Plenty where that came from, PS. Click on over here and geek to your heart's content. It's really one of those nights that will be lodged into my everything for forever, it feels like. Not that it was a life goal or what have you, but did I ever think I'd yell out "Victoria" to Rhett Miller at a soundcheck -- and then have him play it? And then hug it out with after? Um, no. I can't say I ever specifically put that on the proverbial list.

And before all that happened, we took a field trip to Ballard.

I like things that line up in rows without trying.

And so we shot the pants off the Sunset for our behind-the-scenes imaginary article series:

(I'd just like to make formal note here about how direct positive is my new BFF.)

That's the catchup -- there's so much more this week and next, John Roderick, the Head and the Heart, Pablo Trucker, and imaginary DJ night at Solo with Damien Jurado -- we'll have all the details from the portable camp up in a jif.

File under: all of a sudden there's too much sun to keep typing.


and a one, and a two...