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August has been a lee-dle busy. Doing my best, and besting my 'do.

It feels like forever ago already that Thao and the Avett Brothers played the Paramount. And killed it. Apparently so did my shots, or at least the people over at STG seemed to think so.

Ditto for the City Arts show with David Bazan and THEESatisfaction.

Ditto for Nathaniel Rateliff. Holy shit. Top five records of the year, for sure / for serious.

The Head and the Heart have played a bunch -- most notably in August at the Columbia City Theater. It was beyond perfect for my inaugural visit to one of my new favorite venues.

And all that followed immediately by a raging T-Model Ford set -- all my words and emo about it are up over on Greg Vandy's blog here.

Also, Cotton Jones played a sweet set over at KEXP. Not only did I get to shoot for the station, but the photo went out in that week's DJ newsletter too. Sweet!

Rush rush rush, words words words. There's so much more to talk about, like the killer time we had at No Depression this past weekend, and more Head and the Heart shows this week, and prefunking Bumbershoot, and Bumbershoot, and prefunking MFNW, and MFNW. And how I'll be in Vegas the same weekend the Frames are in the PNW. (I know, cry me a river.) And blogging / designing / editing for Greg Vandy, and the Roderick / Flotard Seattle Show Posters photoshoot, and how I'm fumbling my way through helping Teen Feed with booking a gig, and shooting Johnny Sangster's studio this week, and and and.

And it'll all have to wait a few more days. Welcome to my IRL.

Kisses, everyone. Go get the sunshine while the gettin's still good. xo

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