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the best of the fests, and then some.

So much happened. So much is happening. Bumbershoot, MusicFest NW, a new lens, odds and ends -- here's all the details and links, quickie-style:

There was much Bumbershoot-ery between shifts at Fisher. Words here. Pictures here.

Bumbershoot was good enough all by itself, but in the middle of it (literally, on Sunday night) Pavement happened. I shot it, and Mary wrote up some commentary. Former here, latter here.

A few days of work, and then off like a prom dress to MusicFest NW. Full sets are up from Thursday, Friday, and Saturday; and all the words that were fit to post went up on Three Imaginary girls here, here, and here. Nate and Bobby did a ton of shit too, you can see their work here and here. It all fully kicked ass.

ACL is about to come and go without me, but the giant 11-16 that showed up instead will more than make up for my / it's absence. I've got so much more to say about making responsible decisions and all, and about how it's snowballing into the rest of my life, but as usual, pulling it out of my notebooks to emo-blog about will just have to wait. In the meantime, here's more so-big shots from the retreat we just went on at work.

Also, the Young Evils happened. So adorbs. Seriously.

Vampire Weekend / Head and the Heart, Rachel Flotard & Rusty Willoughby, the Black Keys, some John Roderick, and words about tattoos and my pops are around the corner. And then it's rOctober. And then it'll be the holidays. And before you know it, the sun will be back out and it'll be too busy to be inside again.

Here's to a break from all this daylight.

I'm only half-kidding.


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