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let's take a moment to clear the cache...

...before full-frontal Bumbershoot madness ensues. I had a blast of a photo-date tonight with Nate, my dad's AE-1 Program is in the mix (yes, FILM! omg.) and we start setting up at Fischer tomorrow. And Amanda's going to be here any second. So, without further ado:

Seattle Tattoo Expo totally killed. Thursday...

And Friday...

And Saturday...

And Sunday.

And No Depression happened.


And the Head and the Heart put on a killer set at the Mural. (Shortly thereafter, they blew the roof right off the Tractor. And then got booked to open the two Vampire Weekend makeup shows at the Paramount. And we all clapped and sang along at the top of our lungs, forever and ever, amen.)

And I got to shoot Jenn Ghetto (as S) at KEXP.

And so there's so many more words. There's imaginary podcasts and the stuff about learning how to load film into the camera, and how the Seattle Show Posters ad ran in print this week and how I brought six copies home like it's Rolling Stone or something. (Or like how it would have been if it was how Rolling Stone used to be. You know what I mean.) And how Chris Pureka and Andrea Alseri are in town, and how you can feel summer fading, and how much fun Greg Vandy is, and how I'm growing my hair back a little longer again, and how the vegan thing is going.

But it'll all have to wait 'til the weather changes. I'll have plenty left to say then, I'm sure.

See you sometime after the 15th. Really.


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