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east coast travels, october 2011 :: mostly photos

A trip back to New Haven / New York / Martha's Vineyard, where the pictures were crisp and the descriptions were decidedly Upper Case. These are just the images -- for a full bevy of words, mostly lower case, see the post below.

Days 1-2: Erin, Buddy, a trip back in time to the Space, The Ace in New York, Zola Jesus, and We Are Augustines for KEXP

Day 3: Widowspeak, Givers, and Dum Dum Girls at the Ace for KEXP

Day 4: more of the city, Brittney, WATERS, and EMA for KEXP

Days 5-6: driving to / submerging in Martha's Vineyard


It was a week of awakenings. Keep scrolling for those lowercase details I talked about at the top of the post... you know. If you wanna.

it's all (colder) now, baby blue

east coast travels, october 2011 :: mostly words