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hold on to your pants, 2012. we're coming for you.

See that tiny door there on the left? That's a sliding pocket door into a low-ceilinged room that's about the size of a nursery. It's where I live now. Because this weekend, in a fit of "make the thing happen that your life needs more of"-time, I moved all of my personal effects, clothes, bed, posters and the like into a space the size of a walk-in closet so that I could turn my main living space into a permanent studio.

I'm not sure if this is a sign that I am committed or that I should be committed, but either way, I think it's going to kick some serious ass. It's going to be interesting, to say the very least.

More to follow -- I'll likely post up a dedicated page with some daytime shots and a few portraits once I have them ready. For now, I'm just reveling in all the emptyness and the space I've made for new ideas to flow in. I'm planning a series to start out big next year, that should likely result in a book-y-zine kind of thing and a photo show before 2012 is out.

I'm beside myself with excitement for everything that's on the way. Welcome to the Birdnest, kittens. xo

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