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sasquatch '11

And this is how we Sasquatch. Click the photos below for full flickr sets.

Day one, which was mostly the road trip and getting our bearings and such:

Day two, with Aloe Blacc, J. Mascis, Kaylee Cole, Dan Mangan, Matt & Kim, Wye Oak, Robyn, Death Cab, and eighty more bands that rocked our faces off:

Day three, a little more grey and and a little lower fi -- with the likes of the Moondoggies, Black Joe Lewis, and a brilliant sunset performance by the Flaming Lips:

And day four, with the uber-adorable Noah and the Whale, the Young Evils, a pinch of the Old 97's and a kick-ass power-set from !!!:

Full coverage {here, here, here, and here} over at Three Imaginary Girls. Can't wait for next year!

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