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past feature :: have you given up yet?

I do my best here on the new site to update the home page about every / every other New Release Tuesday with either a recent shot -or- an old favorite. This is the last one that was up, from a morning photo walk with Ben Haley.

We started these photo walks this year and have done three or four of them since New Year's day. Some are successful in that they yield great creative result, some are successful in that they yield an hour-long coffee hangout. But all of them have the common theme of Pick Up Your Camera And Go. Not for a show, not for a paid event -- but because you should, and you need to, and you could stand the improvisational practice.

Here's the sets from this year thus far:

* New Year's Day
* Photoschool, round two
* March edition

I did a walk with some other photo friends in Queen Anne one day {set here} and one on my own in Ballard {set here}. The former taught me that we all share common threads across so many levels, regardless of our skillsets -- feeling stuck, feeling good, needing to learn, comparison and contrasting -- and the latter was a painful lesson in Take The Fucking Picture Already. All those Ballard shots were things I'd driven by and thought to shoot or capture or use in some way... except on the day I set out to take the pictures, it was too late. I did pull off a few usable shots, but the overshadowing theme was the realization that you (I) have to get it while the getting's good, otherwise it may not be there to be, uh. Gotten? But seriously -- it's the thing that made me start carrying a camera in the first place: when you see something that looks like a good picture, stop and take the fucking picture. Because the scenery might be there the next time you pass it, but the vibe might not.

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