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june and july, july

I had the pleasure of shooting a gorgeous private party / wedding celebration dinner back in June at a sweet little place called Crush. I can't post the shots due to the host's privacy request, but it's safe to say that the way it went renewed my... faith, perhaps? in my ability to get better at shooting portraits and events.

Well hello, totally killer Okkervil River show at the new Neptune. Hi.

Super-rad Rosebuds set at KEXP.

Langhorne Slim at the Tractor... Guh. SO GOOD. As only he can be.

Amanda was in town, and we spent her last afternoon here at the Market. Always pretty. Always right.

And, a field trip through the new Ballard homestead. As mentioned in the next post -- some of these worked, but it was a good lesson in Stop And Take The Fucking Picture Already.


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