(we are) august(ines)

August. Snapshots of summer, albeit brief, with the lasting impact of Polaroids. So many words brewing right now, but for the moment, let's just catch up on pictures:

Haley left for Italy, so I took some shots for her to print up and give to her beau. Unfortunately I can't post the more racy ones, which really turned out nicely. (Are you listening, Eric? I might be a good second shooter for boudior. I'm just saying.)

Whole lotta Pickwick out at CCT for the Sound on the Sound birthday party!

John Roderick and the now-annual "How to Write Like I Do" class he puts on at 826 Seattle.

Star Anna's stunning in-studio at KEXP.

Back in a jif. I'm packing for Austin City Limits, compiling edits, and trying to stay caught up on my laundry. Next in the queue: portraits and select shots from this year's Seattle Tattoo Expo, where I unexpectedly found myself the house photographer on Saturday.

Til then -