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oh, canada!

By some combination of sheer luck, good social media positioning, and some well-angled Instagram photos, my buddy Lucia managed to win a free weekend at the redone retro suite at Paul's Motor Inn up in Victoria, BC. Yep, I went to Victoria -- weirdest thing ever to hear your name all the time and not once have it be someone who is talking to / about you, PS -- about a minute before I accidentally wound up on someone's honeymoon in Nuevo Vallarta. (See the next most recent post.)

We did the touristy hang, had two gorgeous ferry rides, met tons of nice people, wandered about, drank great coffee, ate at incredible restaurants, shopped, and took a bunch of photos. Here's the driveby of our wanderings:

We realized as we poked around for the weekend that we were missing Rifflandia by a week, and also, that we should have rented bicycles. Here's to the learning curve! And to checking out the fest next year.

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