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catching up: most of may, part I

Whoasies. It's June already? Strange how the winter months drag on and on, and now "Summer" -- even without the promise of consistently good weather -- seems to zip through and fly right by. Not only is it June already, I'm four days out from my mid-month paycheck. Sheesh. Guess I should update with a few shots from May.

A couple of things have changed around here format-wise, mostly that I'm not quite sure what I want at the moment so I'm leaving my code a little stripped bare. I figure it's got to be like tattoos, or photo shoots: that once I know what I want, I'll see it and hopefully be able to make it translate. Other than that, it's been busy-bee season. The Space Needle had her 50th birthday, and in the last part of April / first part of May, I was fortunate enough to give my time to a few great organizations, shooting a night for STG Presents: Opening Doors to The Arts, also known as the annual DOORS celebration; and then a night with a boatload of talented musical performances and a chat with Sherman Alexie at the annual 826 Seattle fundraiser. Both events gave me good practice, and a sense of the greater good that our wonderful community arts scene plays out there in the Real World -- here's a few shots, starting with my two faves from a morning spent at the Needle:

The DOORS event, where I concentrated on stage shots and sponsorship photos:

More from the night here. And then the 826 event, with performances by Cristina Bautista, Shelby Earl, Star Anna, and a ton of talented, incredible kids:

More from that night here.

Part two coming up, with a few KEXP in-studios I did last month and an attempt in learning how to "shoot big" with nights at WaMu and Key Arena. Oh, and Sasquatch! happened too. I've got tons of ideas in the chute, art projects, figuring out how to post occasional mix tapes... let's hope I can bring them all to fruition before the spark fades out.

catching up: most of may, part ii

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