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jesus christ made seattle under protest

I've been dogsitting for Maggi in Belltown for the last few days, five to be exact. I came into the long weekend with high hopes and thoughts of playing house, and wound up having to more... well, work than I realized. And in all the doings and comings and goings, the puppy accidents and airport runs, the tending to long-lost friends fresh off of boats, I forgot to enjoy myself. Cityscapes at Magic Hour, cruise ships at the dock first thing in the morning, glittery windows at night, the hum of the highway. The quiet that you get with your own space (peppered with barks and yips, of course) without roommates, even when you love your roommates. Fancy bed, big pillows, yummy shower products, CSA vegetables, and when all the comings and goings and airport runs and trips with the dogs subsided for a moment, there was peace. Couch time. Afternoon spoons by the light of a wall of windows, buildings shining almost in arm's reach. Coffee at the table. Gluten-free scratch berry pancakes and Grateful Dead albums around the farm table. And love.

So, I shot a few pictures of the view over the last night just to make sure I connected with it all.

kitten party

like the moon in june