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catching up: sasquatch '12

Seeing as it's like, July and stuff, I should probably post my Sasquatch! shots. Here's a runthrough of the top twenty-ish, in chronological order from the weekend. Full sets from days one through four here, here, here, and here; and all the imaginary-ness that was fit to print here, here and here.

Explosions in the Sky


Charles Bradley

Alabama Shakes



Dum Dum Girls

gardens & villa


Deer Tick

Wild Flag

We Are Augustines

Poor Moon

Damien Jurado + friends

John C. Reilly & Tom BrosseauThat's the long and short of it. I'd better hurry up and get the rest of these fair-weather photos posted before like, Christmas rolls around or whatever.


like the moon in june

catching up: most of may, part ii