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stones and boat and ice cream and a girl

These are all, of late, a few of my favorite things.

This is the "stones" part. As in The Rolling Stones, as in the exhibit currently up at the EMP. It's pretty radical, silver gelatin prints and stolen backstage moments -- but, it's up in a gallery that's got some computer hubs and such in the center of the room, so it almost feels a little too much like a mid-grade cafe. If you're stopping by to see it, try to block the center out and walk the walls.

I've never been more inspired, albeit a bit discouraged, as it was all just so completely brilliant.

We had a little ice cream social as another one of many imaginary anniversary / birthday events this year. It was hot as all get-out but BOAT's D. Crane (and a few friends) blew the cool breeze of blissy sounds right through the place. Extra credit for causing Dana to have such a monstrously happy moment.

And, this is the "girl" part. I met one. Her name is Ana and she's pretty righteous on just about every level.

Gorgeous, right?

We caught up with some friends of hers that were coming through Tacoma, and I took these shots near the glass museum.

That's the mini-update for the minute. Another summer, a first time at Pickathon, another Tattoo Expo, and another Bumbershoot are all in the queue. Stay tuned. I'll post as soon as I can get back in from soaking up these last rays of sunshine that September is seeing fit to bestow upon us.

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