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bidding adieu to the sounds of 2012

Well, it's taken a hot minute to find the time to blog about it, but not for lack of quality -- the last few months of 2012 had a great couple of musical highlights for me, between live shows, events, and in-studios at KEXP. Here's a few shots of Brandi Carlile, Ben Gibbard, Damien Jurado, and Charles Bradley.

First up: Brandi Carlile at KEXP {full set on flickr here}

Then, Ben Gibbard (with Damien Jurado) at the Showbox:

And the highlight of December: an in-studio with Charles Bradley at KEXP {full set here}

From what I can tell, 2013 is shaping up to be a great year for music, both shooting- and listening-wise. More timely photos coming soon, I promise.

SIC (Seattle Interactive) 2012

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