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SIC (Seattle Interactive) 2012

SIC is always a blast and an exercise / challenge -- it's a mini-festival atmosphere, taking place at several venues over a few days each fall. Some of the events I'm tasked with covering are happy hours, some are parties, some are shows; all with different focal points: capturing branding, candids, performers, and everything in-between. {For more information on SIC proper, and to see some portraits from a recent shoot we did, pop on over here.}

The most common positive comment I receive about my photography is that I tend to "make it look how everything felt," which is wonderful to hear, especially after what feels like a really tough shoot. Looking back at 2012's SIC stops, I think I did it justice.

Here's a driveby: the first round of happy hours (at Moe and Havana) and a laptop-DJ battle at Neumos, a stop at John Hodgman and Friends at the Showbox, and a second round of happy hours the next night at Barboza:

Approximately four dozen more photos from last year's SIC are browse-able in a set here. Hopefully I'll be back later this year to post shots for the 2013 conference... fingers crossed!

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