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the kids of 826 seattle :: pizza parlor portraits

Each year, 826 Seattle does a fundraiser (for the last two years, it's been held at the Triple Door) to generate part of the base budget for their tutoring center. They usually bring in a few hundred thousand dollars, and the event is full of performances, educational skits about 826 Seattle, and a few guest stars. This year, in advance of the fundraiser, they contacted me to do headshots of some of their star writers, to be used as promotional materials for a the event. 

The inspiration was moviestar-headshot-in-a-New-York-pizza-parlor vibe, and I got as close to the look as I could to it with my batch of participants.  They all did such a great job!


All of the photos from the portrait sessions are up on flickr here, and you can click on over here to learn more about 826 Seattle and all the good they do. Be sure to check out this year's What To Read In The Rain release party a few posts down!

alameda, here we come

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