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Victoria Uhl is a photographer, website builder and writer in Seattle, Washington.

Baby's first trip to Detroit

I'd been threatening to visit Detroit ever since one of my best friends moved out there a few years back, to be with the man who wound up being the absolute love of her life. I expected to spend most of the time gaping at what are now deemed modern-day ruins, but instead spent my time sightseeing, experiencing the personalities of different neighborhoods, eating out at incredible restaurants, and taking in the sights.

If I can say one thing about the trip, aside from an amazing reconnection with a bestie, it's that the sense of community that's driving the rebirth of this city is nothing short of amazing. Those ruins? I mean, we've all seen Detropia, but there's so much more to the city than that. History, art, and an honest-to-goodness sense of togetherness prevail to bring beauty to a place that, at times, is only showcased as a burned-out warzone.

(Image 1: Michigan Central Station; images 2-4: The Heidelberg Project; images 5-6: the best farmer's market EVER and some amazing graffiti; images 7-8: former site of Buick City, Flint, MI.)