Heylo Cannabis

I was fortunate enough to tour the Heylo Cannabis lab space late last year and meet it's owners, Lo and Daniel, after praising their product online in an Instagram comment. (Right? I know.) Taking them up on the invitation to stop by, I quickly realized that they're all about opening their literal and figurative doors -- not just for an up-close-and-personal view of their world-class equipment & active extraction in process, but also for so many aspects of community-building: everything from live performances to terpene education, industry gatherings, and active discussions around responsible use.

Becoming fast acquaintances with Lo and Daniel found me at the space several more times in the following months: once to cover a live performance, and once for some standardized badge headshots and group images, all during the holidays. Coming into the first hints of spring, as the sun sneaks through the cracks here in the Northwest, I'm thrilled to finally have the time to pull all of these images together here. <3

Also -- if you're looking for suggestions on legal cannabis products, particularly the type that address anxiety, depression, etc. & don't rocket you into space for a moon landing, feel free to reach out. I've done a lot of homework on this front, and would be happy to share my experience with anyone who needs it! xo